The Majesty!

A Simple Rule for Rule:

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A king cannot survive without soldiers.

And soldiers cannot live without salaries.

Salaries come from the revenue collected from peasants.

But peasants can pay revenue only when they are prosperous and happy.

This happens when the king promotes justice and honest governance.

Believe in Yourself

May be sometimes you thinks that “Do I have courage to do that alone or maybe I am strong enough to do that”. In some cases yes it is that you are sometimes not that much powerful to some situations but let me tell you if you are really dealing that type of situation that you thinks will have consequences then first think about the future consequences and compare it to your present if you think that present is more worst than future then fight and forget about cons.

And if you are dealing with some person who is really more powerful than you and you have no choice then think wait and think calmly strengthen yourself with your mind and take steps not in hurry but very wisely.

A wise step in both the conditions make you feel that you never defeated your enemy but in real you won over the situations thereby hurting no one.

Have faith in yourself and you won’t have to defeat anyone but you will always win…!!!



People says “In India there are different cultures, languages and religions though there is Unity”. But I say if you really look through different languages and religion they are like parallel lines which will never seems to meet.

There is one thing when terrorist attacks on any state nobody thinks about language or religion but thinks about Humanity. In Delhi or Mumbai wherever those attacks people showed spontaneous behavior by helping each other. Then why the hell they pretends to be biased about their language or religion? Why all the time they hate each other?

The Maker made us all equal with one religion and that is Humanity. I am sure when everyone learned to become Human in India then perhaps I could say that “Yes is a country of “Unity In Diversity”.

What were We and What Technology have given Us

Sometime I thinks that what technology have given us beside Destruction.We were living very happily and calmly with great health and age. But the day when the invention of electricity came from then all the routine of our sleeping and many other aspects changed. Our Sun gives a lot energy in one day that wont end till 60 years so why we need to create those things which are giving negative impact than the positive one…!!!